Need bitcoin?

While candidates can always use BitRecruit for free, job postings must be paid for and we only accept bitcoin. If you don’t have any bitcoin to pay for a job posting and neither does your boss or hiring manager,you’ll need to buy some at an exchange.

We recommend opening an account at Coinbase. Think of it as the Paypal of bitcoin. You simply sign up, connect a bank account and buy bitcoin quickly and simply. An alternative exchange is LocalBitcoins which offers more options. Another option is a Bitcoin ATM which accepts cash and dispenses bitcoin into your wallet.

You will also need a wallet to store your bitcoin in. We recommend Electrum for a regular software wallet for your PC, or Ledger for a high security hardware wallet for larger amounts. There are also smart phone based wallets. We like Mycelium for Android and Bread Wallet for iPhones. They are available for download in their respective app stores and are both free.

IMPORTANT: In bitcoin transactions, the buyer pays the small transaction fee, normally under 0.0005 bitcoin so we highly recommend not buying exactly the same amount of bitcoin as the cost of the jobs you plan to buy. There is also a fraction of a penny added by us (0.0000xxxx) to identify your payment in our system. As an example, if you wanted to spend 1 bitcoin, your total could be 1.00057359 BTC to complete the purchase.

We hope that helps and is enough to get you started with bitcoin. It may seem a nuisance at first but you simply can’t do the best Bitcoin recruitment without spending bitcoin. It will also give you invaluable insight into this amazing technology and its part in the jobs you are recruiting for. If you have any questions at all, call or send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you get started.

The BitRecruit Team

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